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Albany’s Bicentenary in 2026 is a significant anniversary for the whole community. It is an opportunity to reflect on Albany’s history, celebrate the diverse and vibrant community it has become and realise aspirations.

The Bicentenary will encompass a 12-month destination event and marketing program set to showcase the very best Albany has to offer. It is also an opportunity for Albany to realise its potential as a must see cultural destination in regional WA.

With a deeply rooted Aboriginal heritage, proud military history – notably as the departure point for the Anzacs in 1914 – a strong contribution to music and arts, well recognised, beautiful and diverse landscapes and coastlines, and historically-significant streetscapes and architecture, Albany is well placed to mark this significant anniversary for the state.

In Albany 2026, anything is possible!

Our Bicentenary Themes

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Preparing for 2026

The Albany Bicentenary is a once in a generation opportunity to celebrate and recognise what a special place your home is and to showcase that to the world. We invite everyone in the community – to lend your ideas and voice to the project.

We want to hear from young and old, homegrown and those who’ve settled here, visitors from afar or your neighbours in the next town – everyone is welcome!

By participating in the engagement activities, you will be helping to shape the vision, goals and objectives for the Bicentenary celebrations, known as the Bicentenary Strategic Plan.

See below how you can be involved!

How you can be involved